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Available Dogs


Available Dogs

Please be aware of the following when applying for one of our dogs/puppies.

  • All potential adopters must have a fenced yard.
  • For the safety of our dogs, no same day adoptions are permitted.
  • All our dogs are currently living in foster homes. Due to the schedules of our foster families, all available dogs will not attend every event. Any dog or puppy on medical hold will not be at an event.
  • When the adoption is finalized, fees must be paid by credit card or cash. We are unable to accept checks.
  • Any and all applications received for an animal on medical hold will be placed in a pending status. When the dog or puppy is medically cleared by our veterinarian, applications will be reviewed at that time. Please be aware a medical hold can be a few days, several weeks or even longer.
  • Adoptions are not first come, first serve. All applications are reviewed with the best interest of our pets at heart.
  • Our volunteers appreciate your dedication to providing a home for a rescued pet.

If you would like to adopt a pet, please complete our application.

Application to Adopt or Foster

THANK YOU for your interest in our dogs. We would appreciate your answers to the following questions, so that we can best select the right dog for you. All information is treated as confidential. Submission of this application does not guarantee that you will receive a dog.

All applicants must have a fenced yard.


  • Driver’s License will be verified upon Approved Adoption.
  • Have you or your Spouse/Partner ever been charged or convicted of animal cruelty, assault and battery or domestic violence? If yes, Please explain:

  • List 3 Personal references with Phone numbers (NO RELATIVES OR WORK NUMBERS)
  • If interested in Fostering, what type of fostering interests you most??
  • Your signature or electronic signature authorizes us to contact your references and verify all information provided to us on this application is accurate.
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