Contact us at or 937-974-7325. Please note - we are entirely run by volunteers and will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding.
Luv4K9s Dog Rescue

Adopting Rescued Dogs

Download and complete an application.

Once it is filled out and returned back to us, we will process it. We will occasionally adopt out of state but you MUST come here to meet the pet and finalize the adoption in person.

Our adoption fee is $200.00 unless otherwise stated. This includes spay/neuter, routine shots, rabies, worming, microchipped, heartworm testing, and their heartworm preventative.

Our adoption area is Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. We do not ship or arrange transports.

NEW UPDATE FOR 2016: fencing is absolutely mandatory. The physical fencing must be attached to the house and be secure. We are making this requirement for the safety and protection of the dogs.


We deal with many puppy mill rescue animals. These are just a few tips in adopting one of these special cases:

  • Do not let them have free roam of your house, always use a crate when you are not home or busy doing something
  • Keep them on a leash at all times at first; they need to get use to it also
  • Remember to always move slowly around them
  • They need LARGE amounts of love and patience
  • NEVER startle the dog—this will cause them to lose the trust you have gained
  • They have had minimum physical contact; they will try not to face you due to trust
  • Always be gentle
  • When you first bring them home keep them away from your other pets, find them a nice quiet place for them to adjust, then start to expose them to the household.
  • The crate should be in a central location where there is frequent walking and activity, this allows the dog to feel safe and observe everyday activities, they need to hear everyday noises
  • You will have to build their trust little by little, be patient
  • Feeding them is something you should keep on a schedule. Be in the room but do not watch over them - they need to know the meal comes from you. Offer them treats often, but taking this is a HUGE show of trust from them
  • Never let your friends force attention on your puppy mill dog, it could be possible that your dog will NEVER accept outsiders. Let the dog approach them, no quick movements, ignore barking, never let them reach for them
  • Housebreaking—make a regular schedule and never yell. Use a premium food and praise them calmly. This could take awhile.
  • If they are marking, use the stern “no”. This lets them know you are not happy
  • White vinegar will neutralize any accident smell, you can use potty pads if needed in the house
  • Get down on the floor with them, get on their level.
  • Let them come to you, don’t force yourself on them, try often but don’t push them.

A small percentage of our puppy mill rescues are what we deem 'special ones'. Occasionally, we see the survivor who has survived the mill, but at such a great cost that they can never be "brought around".

These are the dogs that have endured so much suffering that they remind us of children who are abused that survive by separating their mind from the body. They will never fully trust anyone. So where does that leave these poor souls?

Most are still capable of living out a wonderful life. They need a scheduled environment but most importantly, a home where they are accepted for who and what they are. They may never jump up on a couch and cuddle with you, or bring you a ball to play catch. But you will see the joy that they take in living each day knowing that they will have clean bedding, fresh food and water, and unconditional love.

To them, those small comforts alone are pure bliss.
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