Contact us at or 937-974-7325. Please note - we are entirely run by volunteers and will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding.
Luv4K9s Dog Rescue

About Us

Luv4K9s is a group of people who have come together while working in the shelter and rescue areas. We have a combined experience of over 40 years in the animal world.

We started by saving dogs from puppy mills and puppy mill auctions, taking the ones that were unwanted, to give them a chance at a loving home which they never had. We also take in homeless dogs or dogs that are deemed not adoptable by shelters to give them a safe haven where they will receive medical care, nutrition and love until an approved home is found.

They are rescued from situations ranging from the lack of care and supervision to starvation and abuse.

Luv4K9s wants to reduce the number of unwanted pets by altering all dogs in our rehoming program, to educate the public about the importance of altering pets, and explain that owning a pet is a LIFELONG commitment.

Luv4K9s of Dayton, Ohio is run entirely by volunteers. We receive no government support and operate with funds generated by adoption fees, fundraising and generous donations from concerned animal lovers.

We would like to thank all of the families that have adopted our dogs and given them great homes. We would not be able to rescue the dogs if it weren't for people like you that are willing to give these dogs a chance and a home. It may seem like a small step to take but it means the entire world to these abandoned dogs!

Want to become a volunteer or foster? Contact us today!

Man's Best Friend
A Poem by Aubree Cash,
Luv4k9s Volunteer (Oct. 2008)

Lost And Forgotten,
Hurt And Abused.
Scared And Alone,
Dazed And Confused.

Alone In A Cage,
A Prisoner In Our Heads.
Old Pieces of Paper,
Make Up Our Beds.

The People Who Pass Us,
Show Disgust And Hate.
And Our Heads Droop Low,
In This Tiny Crate.

Hope Still Burns,
Love Is Still In Our Soul.
And Our Faith In Mankind,
Helps Keep Us Whole.

What Have We Done To Deserve This?
Have We Misbehaved?
Will Anyone Be There,
To Help Us Be Saved?

Fear Races Through Us,
As It Nears The End,
Forever And Counting,
Mans Very Best Friend.
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